Biodiversity of BC

British Columbia has the highest biodiversity in all of Canada bursting with plants, wildlife and habitats! It is home to more then 700 terrestrial vertebrates including 488 bird species, 142 mammal species, 18 reptile species, 22 amphibian species. Although it has the highest biodiversity, it also has the highest number of species at risk! Come learn all about what biodiversity means, why it's important and how to ensure its protection!

+Program Description

This program examines the concept of biodiversity and conservation challenges as students become scientists and conduct a hands-on outdoor field study. By exploring habitats in the park, students gain an appreciation for the biodiversity of the rainforest and discover how different animals and plants adapt and survive in this wet and diverse environment.


Grades: 6-12
Location: Programs available in Delta and New Westminster, BC
Duration: 2 hours