Adventure Camp Chronicles Day 4 - "Oceans"

Who doesn’t love killer whales??


Today we learned all about marine animals that live along our coasts!

Here are ten animals that swim along our coast:

  1. Killer Whales

  2. Pacific King Crabs

  3. Chinook Salmon

  4. Giant Pacific Octopus

  5. Six Scaled Shark

  6. Pacific White Sided Dolphin

  7. Sea Lion

  8. Humpback Whale

  9. Sea Stars

  10. Sea Otter

And did you know that killer whales aren’t even whales? They’re actually dolphins! In fact, there are different species of killer whales, one of which are the Southern Residents, who are endangered. There are only 76 left!

We went for round 2 of waterpark fun (what other camp goes to two waterparks?!)

As always, we had craft time and today’s craft was jellyfish! Look at all the different species of jellyfish we invented!

A swarm of jellyfish!

A swarm of jellyfish!

Tomorrow is our last day and we can’t believe the week is almost over!
Until next time,

Team Ripple Coast