Adventure Camp Chronicles - Day 5 "Wonder"

We can’t believe the last day of camp is already here!


Today we celebrated the achievements of the campers with lots of fun games and activities!

We started off with a nature scavenger hunt, where the campers roamed Queen’s Park to find fern, animal tracks, spiders and more. The campers all returned with bags full of forest goodies. Good job team!

Back by popular demand, we broke out the bug kits again and examined the little critters that live all around us - bugs!


Our water challenge put the kids head to head with the camp staff to see who could bail water with a sponge from one bucket to another the fastest - talk about water conservation.

To top it off, we played Bug Bingo and learned all about fascinating bugs that live around the world. As usual, the campers showed off how creative they were with their homemade luxurious Bug Hotels that they’d made, padded with forest debris they collected from the the scavenger hunt.

Thanks to all the staff and campers that made camp awesome!
Until next time,

Team Ripple Coast