adventures in nature camp

Adventure Camp Chronicles - Day 5 "Wonder"

We can’t believe the last day of camp is already here!


Today we celebrated the achievements of the campers with lots of fun games and activities!

We started off with a nature scavenger hunt, where the campers roamed Queen’s Park to find fern, animal tracks, spiders and more. The campers all returned with bags full of forest goodies. Good job team!

Back by popular demand, we broke out the bug kits again and examined the little critters that live all around us - bugs!


Our water challenge put the kids head to head with the camp staff to see who could bail water with a sponge from one bucket to another the fastest - talk about water conservation.

To top it off, we played Bug Bingo and learned all about fascinating bugs that live around the world. As usual, the campers showed off how creative they were with their homemade luxurious Bug Hotels that they’d made, padded with forest debris they collected from the the scavenger hunt.

Thanks to all the staff and campers that made camp awesome!
Until next time,

Team Ripple Coast

Adventure Camp Chronicles Day 4 - "Oceans"

Who doesn’t love killer whales??


Today we learned all about marine animals that live along our coasts!

Here are ten animals that swim along our coast:

  1. Killer Whales

  2. Pacific King Crabs

  3. Chinook Salmon

  4. Giant Pacific Octopus

  5. Six Scaled Shark

  6. Pacific White Sided Dolphin

  7. Sea Lion

  8. Humpback Whale

  9. Sea Stars

  10. Sea Otter

And did you know that killer whales aren’t even whales? They’re actually dolphins! In fact, there are different species of killer whales, one of which are the Southern Residents, who are endangered. There are only 76 left!

We went for round 2 of waterpark fun (what other camp goes to two waterparks?!)

As always, we had craft time and today’s craft was jellyfish! Look at all the different species of jellyfish we invented!

A swarm of jellyfish!

A swarm of jellyfish!

Tomorrow is our last day and we can’t believe the week is almost over!
Until next time,

Team Ripple Coast

Adventure Camp Chronicles - Day 3 "Bugs"


The smiles on the kids’ faces couldn’t be wiped off as they traipsed around Hume Park collecting slugs.

What’s hiding in that jar?

What’s hiding in that jar?

It was a rainy day but that didn’t stop us from having fun! Overall we found 20 or so slugs, ranging from baby slugs to slugs laying eggs. We gently picked them up and returned them to a safe spot when we were done. One camper walked around with a slug on his hand for a couple hours - talk about best friends!

Making new best friends with slugs!

Making new best friends with slugs!

We also found slugs, millipedes, and pill bugs!

Later that afternoon, the sun came out…leading to impromptu waterpark fun! The kids got soaked but their smiles never left their faces that day.

Til next time,

Team Ripple Coast

Adventure Camp Chronicles Day 2 "Survival"

What if we just left them here overnight…?

What if we just left them here overnight…?

Day two’s theme was survival. We’re happy to say that we left camp with the same number of campers at the beginning! The campers were put to the test from the morning on an intense scavenger hunt for clues. They scrambled over logs, dug debris, and ventured deep into Queen’s Park’s underbelly…and succeeded! They brought their 10 clue pieces in victoriously and this is what they learned:

Signalling SOS - blow three long blasts!

The 10 Essentials to Bring Hiking, Camping, etc:

  1. Compass and map

  2. Water

  3. Food

  4. Firestarter

  5. Extra clothes

  6. Emergency shelter

  7. Headlamp

  8. First aid kit

  9. Multitool/knife/repair kit

  10. Whistle

A camper’s clever camp survival kit!

A camper’s clever camp survival kit!

Surviving is a lot of work, so we spent the afternoon painting, playing games and learning how to set up a tarp.

Til next time,

Team Ripple Coast

Adventure Camp Chronicles - Day 1 "Senses"

Wondering what happens at nature camp? We “wondered” too (using our five senses, of course…)!

Do you carrot all about rabbits? Having fun at Queens Park Petting Zoo!

Do you carrot all about rabbits? Having fun at Queens Park Petting Zoo!

Every year we get an intrepid group of inquisitive young minds and this year was no different. This sense of curiosity is what draws Ripple Coast campers together. Each camper brings their unique sense of humour, curiosity, creativity and charm to the camp. Coupled with the natural wonderland of Queen’s Park, our campers are what make camp wonderful!

The day started off without a hitch…except for one camper, who thought they had arrived at Ripple Coast camp. The truth became evident when a free soccer ball and free T shirt were shoved in their face…they had stumbled upon a soccer camp at the other side of the park! (The rest of us wanted a free soccer ball too!)

IMG_3217 2.JPG

Each day we have a theme and today’s mission was to use our five senses. After a silly game of Move Your Butt, we launched into a sensory trek around Queen’s Park. Our noses led us to the petting zoo, where there were rabbits, pigs, goats, chickens, and peacocks (including an albino one!) You bet we have some animal lovers here!

Pictured here are us with our community contract - that’s how we keep ourselves accountable and make sure everyone has maximum fun!

Later that day we sat down in a circle and observed the park around us. We saw pinecones, feathers, clouds; heard rustling leaves, crows; touched bark and grass; tasted the leftovers of our lunch and smelled the sweet scent of grass! Then we made a starfish craft and texturized our starfish by rubbing pencil crayon on paper over Lego pieces - crafty!

And to top it off, here’s our campers receiving their special gift for them to customize - their Nature Guides!

Time to hit the hay…until next time!

Team Ripple Coast