Adventure Camp Chronicles - Day 1 "Senses"

Wondering what happens at nature camp? We “wondered” too (using our five senses, of course…)!

Do you carrot all about rabbits? Having fun at Queens Park Petting Zoo!

Do you carrot all about rabbits? Having fun at Queens Park Petting Zoo!

Every year we get an intrepid group of inquisitive young minds and this year was no different. This sense of curiosity is what draws Ripple Coast campers together. Each camper brings their unique sense of humour, curiosity, creativity and charm to the camp. Coupled with the natural wonderland of Queen’s Park, our campers are what make camp wonderful!

The day started off without a hitch…except for one camper, who thought they had arrived at Ripple Coast camp. The truth became evident when a free soccer ball and free T shirt were shoved in their face…they had stumbled upon a soccer camp at the other side of the park! (The rest of us wanted a free soccer ball too!)

IMG_3217 2.JPG

Each day we have a theme and today’s mission was to use our five senses. After a silly game of Move Your Butt, we launched into a sensory trek around Queen’s Park. Our noses led us to the petting zoo, where there were rabbits, pigs, goats, chickens, and peacocks (including an albino one!) You bet we have some animal lovers here!

Pictured here are us with our community contract - that’s how we keep ourselves accountable and make sure everyone has maximum fun!

Later that day we sat down in a circle and observed the park around us. We saw pinecones, feathers, clouds; heard rustling leaves, crows; touched bark and grass; tasted the leftovers of our lunch and smelled the sweet scent of grass! Then we made a starfish craft and texturized our starfish by rubbing pencil crayon on paper over Lego pieces - crafty!

And to top it off, here’s our campers receiving their special gift for them to customize - their Nature Guides!

Time to hit the hay…until next time!

Team Ripple Coast