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Fun with the Stanley Park Eco Camps!

On Monday and Thursday, Ripple Coast hit the coast - well, the beach at Stanley Park- in partnership with the Stanley Park Eco Camps . On Monday we spoke about marine animals and on Thursday we talked about plastic pollution, finishing off with a beach clean up. Nice teamwork!

I sea a sea star!

I sea a sea star!

In just an hour we ended up with a heavy garbage bag of trash. It was like a treasure hunt, but for trash. A flash of blue there, a flash of green there - sea glass everywhere. We also found an old toy car and other strange discarded items that had us questioning how they got there.

Did you know it takes 10-20 years for a forgotten wool sock to disintegrate in the ocean?

Plastic bottles take a whopping 450 years. And -do you believe it - 600 years for fishing line!

Clare showing the kids how to do what she loves most - looking for cute critters!

Clare showing the kids how to do what she loves most - looking for cute critters!

We love collaborating with other like minded conservation organizations and working with bright young minds! We can’t wait to host our next event. We have more events coming up in August - stay tuned!

Team Ripple Coast

August Adventures!

August, august - that sunny month before school starts! Looking for something fun to do with your family? Why not sign up for one of our events below?

Nature Explorers _ Ripple Coast.png

Never hiked before but always wanted to take your family outdoors? Join our guided walk and learn all about hiking (such as the 10 essentials) and conservation (bear aware, IDing plants and more). Sign up here:

Protect the Planet, Connect with Nature
Saturday August 24, 10am-12pm
Centennial Park, White Rock

Join us for a family friendly event chockful of games and sensory exploration at Centennial Park, White Rock.
Participants learn all about local marine life, plants, and what conservation issues currently affect them, all while playing interactive games. Email to sign up:

Killer Whales of the Coast
Sunday August 25, 2pm
Queens Park Bandshell, New Westminster

Learn all about our treasured killer whales that swim along our coast as well as the conservation issues that currently affect them. With only 73 left (down from 76 earlier this summer), our Southern Resident Killer Whales need us more than ever. The interactive talk will be around 30-45 min with a discussion afterwards. No registration needed.

The Local's Lighthouse Tour

We are currently offering our Lighthouse Park Tour this summer. Limited spots. Email us for availability and to book a tour. All proceeds go to funding Ripple Coast's efforts to educate and conserve our coast.
More info here:

Happy August Adventuring,
Team Ripple Coast

Meet Our Instructors!

Wondering who will be teaching this summer at our adventure camps or leading our interpretive walks? We caught up with our summer staff to ask them a few questions! Here’s what they said…



What is your favourite animal?

This is a very tricky question as I love so many animals! One of my favourites though is a Northern Flying Squirrel. They are nocturnal animals but I was lucky enough to work with them last summer at a wildlife rehabilitation center. They are soft, gentle and can be funny - what's not to love!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

I hope to see more wildlife that is unique to British Columbia! Please tell the orcas to come swimming by!



What is your favourite animal?

I love birds! I think owls have to be my favourite - who doesn’t want to be able to fly, have night vision and have you ever seen an owl’s legs? They’re super long! Plus they’re adorable.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

I’m most excited connect with people on a deeper level by talking about conservation! And of course the mountains are calling.


This is Ivona! You’ll be learning more about her as the summer goes on…! In the meantime, she loves marine animals and a good craft.