Taking it to the next level

The Conservation and Stewardship programs take learning about the environment and turns it into action steps.  The programs provide students with critical-thinking skills, problem-solving development, leadership opportunities, stewardship challenges and opportunities to develop self-guided projects that demonstrate their potential to make an impact.  The knowledge they share ripples outward to the community and will help broaden messages about the environment while allowing students to emerge as leaders. The aim of the programs are to inspire and empower.  The potential for the next generation to make change is endless!

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world
— Howard Zinn

save our seas (Grades K-12)

Students learn in this highly engaging and interactive program about the local coastal ecosystem, the current ocean health, the important role oceans and marine life play in our lives, our impacts, and ways to help sustain our oceans for the future.