Beautiful British Columbia

British Columbia boasts some of the world's most majestic mountain ranges, vital bogs and wetlands, and ancient old-growth rainforests, encompassing Canada's greatest diversity of landforms and lifeforms. Some of BC's most important landscapes and wildlife are being threatened and although BC has the highest biodiversity in all of Canada, it also has the most species at risk.  Our land programs aim to highlight the rich biodiversity, history, importance and threats throughout the lands of BC.

Photography provided by Jeffrey Qi


Forest elves (pre-school-Grade 2)

Students explore the enchanted forests of BC to discover and explore all the magic that lies within them. Through fun games, stories, and activities engaging all the senses, students ignite their sense of wonder and curiosity about nature.

Coastal Carnivores (Grades K-7)

Discover the amazing wildlife of BC as we introduce students to the diversity of animals, their habitats, and adaptive features and behaviours that help them survive in the West coast environment.

ancient Giants (Grades 3-7)

The coastal temperate rainforests are among the rarest and most productive ecosystems in the world; they are also disappearing faster then we have to time learn about them. 

Biodiversity of BC (Grades 6-12)

What is biodiversity and why is it important? Students explore this concept as they venture into the forests and use science and critical thinking to examine the concept.

Can't choose?  Book one of our half day or full-day programs to fully maximize the learning experience!



The full-day land program allows students to understand in depth the processes occurring both above and below land and discover the creatures within them to unveil the amazing connections and systems that work together. 

This program looks deep in the rainforest and allows students to develop inquiry-based learning, scientific research skills and methods to fully embrace and engage senses in nature in this fun and interactive half-day program.