Photo: Jeannine McCormack

Ocean Wonders

British Columbia's cold, productive waters hosts a multitude of creatures with a quarter of all the marine mammal species in the world spotted off our BC coast.

This interactive workshop introduces students to the wonderful world of the ocean and seas that surround us, the animals that are found off our coast, the connections we have with them from land and different ways we can help protect them for many years to come.



+ Details

All programs are tailored to suit each grade level
Grades: K-12
Duration: 75 mins
Location: In-Class
Languages: Available in English and French

+ Classroom requirements

Desks and students pre-arranged in groups of 4-5
Projector and screen

  • Adaptations of local animals (K)
  • Features and behavioural adaptations of animals in the local environment that help them survive (Gr.1)
  • Local First Peoples knowledge of local animals
  • Understanding how living things have life cycles adapted to their environment (Gr.1-2)
  • Examining biodiversity in the local environment (Gr. 3)
  • Sensing and responding of animals to their environment (Gr. 4)
  • Evolution of organisms over time (Gr.7)
  • Survival needs (Gr.7)
  • The relationship of micro-organisms with living things (Gr. 8)
  • First People knowledge of interconnections and sustainability (Gr. 9)
  • Sustainability of systems (Gr.9-12)
  • Practicing scientific methods of observation, investigation, data collection and interpretation of results (Gr.6-12)
  • Relationships and interactions in ecosystems (Gr. 11)
  • Environmental stressors (Gr. 11)
  • Benefits of healthy ecosystems (Gr. 11)
  • Adaptations and extinctions (Gr. 11)
  • Unsustainable and sustainable ecosystem practices (Gr. 11)
  • Understanding current threats to local ecosystems (all grades)
  • Providing steps students can take to help conserve the local environment (all grades)