Ripple Coast Society started in 2016 with a goal: to create a ripple effect of environmental conservation starting with meaningful experiences deeply rooted in nature. 

Nature is a landscape for transcendent experiences - unforgettable moments of happiness that are both meaningful and possibly transformational. Any environmental leader can likely tell you a story about an experience with nature, often from a young age, that inspired them to stand up for the environment. This passion is the root of conservation and what drives people to take action. 


Sadly, our vastly urbanizing landscapes are making access to nature a chore rather than a daily part of life. This disconnect from nature is on the rise and slowly shifting where we place our values.

At Ripple Coast we aim to help people understand, value, and build passion for nature which will ripple through to become lifelong respect, appreciation, and protection for the world around us.

People Protect what they love
— Jacques Cousteau