Adventures in Nature
Summer Day Camp

Kids enjoy less screentime and more greentime this summer as they get to play outdoors in nature and learn about the local animals, plants and habitats as well as how to protect them.

Ripple Coast summer day camps provide an opportunity for children to get back into nature to explore, engage all their senses and foster their curiosity and imagination for the outdoors.  

Outdoor games and activities provide opportunities to play, learn, and make new friends in nature. 

Activities may include: bug-hunting, nature sensory exploration, nature crafts and nature-inspired games. 


Ages: 6-9

Time: 9:30am - 3:30 pm

Jul 15-19, 2019
Aug 12-16, 2019

Location: Queen's Park Bandshell (New Westminster, BC)
Please note, one of the days we will be meeting at Glennbrook Ravine Park.


  • Week-long (5 days): $250
  • Drop-in: $50/day

Minimum to run: 10 students
Maximum capacity: 15 students


  • *Litter-free lunch and snacks
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Weather-appropriate clothing and shoes
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Swim wear and change of clothes for appropriate day (Thursday, July 26)
  • Energy, curiosity, and willingness to play in all weather!

*We strive to minimize waste as much as possible. Please bring only reusable or recyclable containers and utensils. For more tips, see

+Waiver form

Please read the waiver form carefully and sign before the start of the program. Children may NOT participate without a signed waiver form. Please click here for waiver form.

+Participant Policy

Appropriate behaviour agreement

To ensure that everyone in the program has a safe and fun experience, participants are expected to:

Respect: Be respectful to themselves, other participants, our staff, volunteers and Ripple Coast property;
Listen: Actively listen to the instructors, guest speakers, volunteers and the other participants; and
Be Positive: Avoid making negative comments regarding the camp and/or activities and maintain a positive attitude throughout the program.

The expectations at the program work just like the expectations at your child’s school. If your child follows them closely, then they will be able to participate in all of our activities. If your child doesn’t follow the expectations, then they may not be allowed to participate in an activity. Inappropriate behaviour may also result in the suspension of privileges, or removal from Ripple Coast programs without refund. All decisions regarding the consequences of inappropriate behaviour will be made by Ripple Coast in its sole discretion.

There is absolutely zero tolerance of emotional, physical, verbal or sexual abuse. Bullying, harassment or teasing will lead to the immediate contact of parent(s)/guardian(s) and possible removal from the program. There is also no tolerance of fighting, physical violence, possession or use of weapons (including using materials as weapons), or any actions or behaviours that threaten the safety of the participant or group (e.g flight risk). Smoking, the consumption of alcohol, and possession of illegal substances is not tolerated. The use of any of these during the camp will result in a report to the RCMP, as well as to parent(s)/guardian(s).

Special Needs

If your child requires a one on one at school, they will also be required to have a one on one at the camp provided by and at the cost of the parent/guardian.


All withdrawals requested one week prior to the start of the camp week will be refunded the full program fee, minus a $25 administration fee. Any withdrawals requested less than one week prior to the start of the program week will not be refunded.