Water connects us all

Whether it's the ocean, lakes, rivers, or streams, water is our lifeblood and surrounds us everywhere.  BC has some of the most productive waters in the world giving rise to the highest coastal biodiversity in all of North America. Our water programs cover topics on both marine and freshwater ecosystems, animals and current threats. Each program is carefully designed to engage students and start dialogues, demonstrate interconnections, and provide practical steps everyone can take to ensure a sustainable future. 

“The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope...We are all in the same boat.”

— Jacques Cousteau

in-class workshops

These symbolic creatures of BC provide great insight into adaptations, behaviour and the current threats our coast is now facing. A fascinating and interactive workshop dedicated entirely to killer whales that both teachers and students will enjoy!   

British Columbia's productive waters provide a rich habitat for a diversity of organisms.  This hands-on workshop introduces students to the oceans and seas of BC, creatures found within them, current threats and how everyone can help!



salmon survivors (Grades k-7)

Through fun and interactive outdoor games and activities, students learn about salmon lifecycles, its importance to BC as a foundation species and how everyone is connected. 


Can't choose?  Book one of our half day or full-day programs to incorporate multiple program areas in one day!

Full-day water programs

Half-Day Water programs

The full-day water program combines the best of all the water programs into an action-packed and interactive full-day program.

This program delves into both ocean and freshwater ecosystems and wildlife in a fun and interactive half-day program.